Medical Oxygen
Medical Oxygen

Medical oxygen refers to the use of cryogenic separation to separate oxygen from the atmosphere to supply oxygen for medical treatment of patients.


The cryogenic separation method is used to separate the oxygen in the atmosphere, and after repeated compression and cooling, it is subjected to a low temperature treatment at -183℃to convert gaseous oxygen into liquid oxygen, and repeated distillation to purify dust, impurities, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and water vapor. Re-compressing and filling the cryogenic storage tank to do centralized oxygen supply, or gasification and filling the oxygen cylinder for oxygen supply.

Oxygen purity

The national standard for the purity of bottled medical oxygen is 99.5%. Regardless of whether the oxygen generator uses molecular sieve oxygen or oxygen-rich membrane oxygen; the oxygen purity is lower than the bottled medical oxygen.

Common form

Commonly used for bottled medical oxygen, in a gaseous state. The cryogenic liquid oxygen must be stored in a cryogenic liquid oxygen tank. Commonly used for large oxygen storage equipment.

National regulations

1. National Standard of the People's Republic of China: GB8982-2009 "Medical Oxygen"

2. The Pharmacopoeia of the People's Republic of China 2000 version of oxygen "medical oxygen."

3. The People's Republic of China Pharmacopoeia 2005 version of oxygen "medical oxygen."

Nine technical indicators specified in GB8982-2009

(1) Oxygen content

(2) Water content

(3) Carbon dioxide content

(4) Carbon monoxide content

(5) pH

(6) Ozone and other oxidizing substances

(7) odor

(8) inflation pressure, inflation

(9) Packaging signs and warning labels

Seven inspections specified in the 2000 edition of the Medical Oxygen Pharmacopoeia

(1) Oxygen content

(2) Carbon dioxide content

(3) Carbon monoxide content

(4) pH

(5) Gaseous oxide

(6) Inflation pressure or oxygen production

(7) Packaging signs and warning labels


1. The medical oxygen used must have the drug batch number approved by the health department: ××卫药准字(××年)第×××. Only the health bureaus (offices) of the provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the Central Government have the right to approve the drug batch number.

2. Strictly implement the guarantee period system. The warranty period for medical oxygen is calculated from the date of manufacture to 12 months. Exceeding the warranty period, oxygen should be strictly tested before use.

3. Control the oxygen absorption concentration. The body's metabolism is inseparable from oxygen, and oxygen deficiency is harmful to the human body. Serious oxygen deficiency can be life-threatening. However, if a normal person inhales pure oxygen for a long time, it will not be beneficial to the human body, but may cause oxygen poisoning. In order to avoid oxygen poisoning, a mixed gas with an oxygen concentration lower than 60% and an oxygen partial pressure lower than 60 KPa (<450 mmHg) should be applied to adults for long-term isostatic oxygen therapy; a mixed gas for treating newborns or infants The oxygen concentration should not exceed 60%, and its oxygen partial pressure should not exceed 40KPa (300mmHg).

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