The reason why the gas cylinder must wear a bottle cap
The reason why the gas cylinder must wear a bottle cap

The helmet is an important accessory for the cylinder. It is worn on each cylinder valve to ensure that the valve is not mechanically damaged and safe.

Why do gas cylinders need to wear a helmet?

Because the cylinder valves of cylinders are mostly made of copper alloy, they are relatively fragile. Although some are made of steel, since the structure of the bottle valve is finer than that of the bottle body, it is screwed on the bottle body to form a right angle between the bottle neck and the bottle valve joint. It is both a brittle defect of the bottle body and a protruding point of the bottle body. Most susceptible to mechanical damage or external shocks.

During the process of transfer, storage and use, due to inadvertent damage, the gas cylinder falls, falls, rolls or is hit by other hard objects, and it is easy to cause the bottle valve joint and the neck of the bottle to crack together, which is dangerous. Consequences of bottleneck or bottle valve cracking: high pressure gas is sprayed out of the bottle, and the reaction force causes the gas cylinder to rush out in the opposite direction. The danger is extremely high. The gas ejected at high speed in the bottle causes a secondary accident (such as fire), blasting, poisoning. Wait). If the bottle is filled with a combustible gas, static electricity generated by the intense friction of high-speed jet or other fire sources may cause combustion and blasting.
On the other hand: the bottle valve is exposed to the outside, and it is easy to invade dust or grease during transfer and storage, and then poses a risk.
In order to eliminate the above risks and avoid accidents, you must be sure to put a cap on the cylinder because it is an important safety accessory. Wearing a helmet on the gas cylinder not only protects the valve from impact, but also prevents the ingress of grease, dust and the like.
The bottle making unit is equipped with a helmet when the cylinder is shipped. When the customer uses the gas, turn the helmet down to a fixed place. After use, put the bottle cap on the screw and do not throw it.

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