Types and uses of medical gases
Types and uses of medical gases

Medical gas refers to the gas used in medical treatment. Mainly used for treatment, anesthesia, driving medical equipment, medical experiments, bacteria, embryo culture. Commonly used gases are: oxygen, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, argon, helium, nitrogen, compressed air and mixed gases.

Use of Medical Gas

Oxygen - Oxygen is the basic substance that sustains life and is used medically to supplement oxygen in hypoxic patients. Note that directly accounting for high purity oxygen is harmful to the human body. The oxygen concentration for long-term use is generally 30%-40%. Oxygen is also used in high pressure chambers to treat diving, gas poisoning, and for aerosolization of drugs.

Nitrous oxide - Because a small amount of people inhale this gas, muscles will appear on the face, and a smile will appear, so this gas is also called laughter. Medical use is mixed with oxygen to make an anesthetic, but general anesthesia is weak. However, using nitrous oxide as an anesthetic is only suitable for minor operations such as tooth extraction and surgical suture.

Carbon dioxide - medically carbon dioxide is used to inflate the abdominal cavity and colon for laparoscopy and fiber colonoscopy. In addition, it can also be used to culture bacteria in the laboratory. High-pressure carbon dioxide can also be used in cryotherapy to treat cataracts, vascular diseases, and the like.

Argon - medically used primarily for surgical instruments such as high-frequency argon knives.

Helium - used in medical applications such as high-frequency helium knives.

Nitrogen - nitrogen is mainly used to drive medical equipment and tools; liquid nitrogen is commonly used in surgical, gynecological, and dental cryotherapy.

Compressed air - mainly used for transmitting power in dental equipment, orthopedic equipment, ventilators, etc.

Helium - in medical treatment, helium is mainly used in gas tube CT machines.

mixed gas
Carbon dioxide is mixed with oxygen or hydrogen and is mainly used for anaerobic bacterial culture;
Carbon dioxide is mixed with argon and is mainly used in the cerebral circulatory system;
Medical ternary mixture, mainly used for cell culture and embryo culture, is a common gas in hospital reproductive centers.

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